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Washington Wine 101 Featured

Washington Wine 101

Today there are over 800 wineries in Washington State. Take the advice of someone who has been buying Washington wine since there were only 20 wineries here: There is one resource to answer all your questions, whether you're a novice or wine geek, at www.washingtonwine.org. A word of caution, you could lose an entire afternoon wandering around this fascinating web site. Planning a trip to wine country? This site provides maps of hundreds of wineries, vineyards, tasting rooms as well as hours of operation.

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Maybe I am moving too fast for you. Start at the beginning with a glossary of wine terms or a basic instruction of how to taste wine. How about starting before the beginning with a history of Washington wine? The incredible explosion of success is no lucky accident but is explained in the unique combination of Washington’s terroir and some out-of-the-box pioneers and visionaries. It is quite a story that is still in its infancy. There is a calendar of wine events for the entire state so you can plan to visit around a barrel tasting or a local wine festival. All of this information at your feet is there to help you enjoy Washington wine and help you make choices about what to buy or where and when to go visit for yourself.

My favorite feature is to zoom above the appellations like I am in my own drone helping me to understand the topography of Washington’s wine country. Here is a description taken from the website about the Columbia Gorge AVA: "It's a place on this earth so dramatically beautiful you'll start believing in unicorns.  The verdant drive from the west brings astonishing geological drama - evidence of the ice-age floods.  Nothing will prepare you for the microclimate diversity of the area and the breathtaking landscape."

Good stuff that! You can even take the ultimate shortcut and go the the NEWS tab and find articles that identify the top cabernets for under $20. Even if you're not curious or charmed by Washington wine, a visit to this web site is a must. Here's a video they include that you can enjoy right now:

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